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A Guide to Wellbeing & Working from Home

Post Date: 07 Jan 2021

As we enter a new national lockdown, we once again find ourselves adapting to life at home with the challenge of juggling work, home schooling and everyday life!

Understandably, trying to navigate this hectic routine may find some of us falling into bad habits, so we’ve put together a brief guide to working at home and wellbeing, and how best to maintain both your physical and mental health during such unprecedented times…


Not only does a structured daily routine improve productivity levels, it's also good for our mental wellbeing. Structure will reduce the likelihood that you’ll still be sat in your PJ’s at 11am, watching the TV. Get up at your usual time, set yourself a work timetable and try to stick to it.

Take regular screen breaks, much as you would in the office. This is more beneficial than less frequent, longer breaks. A screen break could be taken to stretch your legs, make a cup of tea or to simply stroke your cat, dog or hamster!

It may be tempting to work longer hours, sometimes late into the night. However, burning the candle at both ends will naturally have a knock-on effect on both the quantity and quality of your sleep. Where possible, try to stick to your normal office hours and maintain the same routine at home. And, while it may feel like the days are blending into one, it’s more important than ever to schedule in some down time – so switch off your mobile devices before bed and take time off at weekends, if you can.


Working from home will, naturally, reduce the instant interaction you’d normally enjoy with colleagues in the typical work environment. Indeed, if you are self-employed, you’re even less likely to interact with others during a working day, which can increase feelings of isolation.

It’s easy to hide behind the convenience of emails and instant messaging, especially if you’re not dressed for work! So, by sticking to a daily routine – getting up, getting ready and keeping in regular contact with your colleagues – you’ll maintain a feeling of normality. A simple call, or using apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Team for video conferencing, will ensure you stay fully connected.

And, of course, when it’s time to down tools, what better way to stay connected with friends and loved ones, using the same wonders of technology.


Image credit: Northcote Chiropractic

Understandably, many of us will be experiencing increased anxiety levels at this time of uncertainty. Arming yourself with a handful of anxiety reducing tools will encourage feelings of calm, helping you to work as efficiently and productive as possible.

Practicing meditation or mindfulness each day enables you to switch off and relax. During the first lockdown, our friends over at Northcote Chiropractic Clinic kindly offered a number of online mindfulness classes and techniques through their Facebook platform. As we enter another lockdown, they continue to offer inspiring posts and exercises both on their website and via their social media channels.

Another helpful tip is to limit the amount of times you check the news throughout the day. It’s important to stay informed but try not to become consumed with the latest, breaking news.


Moving every day is essential for both your physical and mental health. Luckily, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are plenty of online workouts to help you keep fit from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for inspiration, the following Clapham Junction businesses will bring bring virtual workout content directly to your living room:

Milo and the Bull

Image credit: Milo and the Bull

For those who are able to leave the house for their permitted daily exercise allowance, try to enjoy some time outdoors. Whether it’s quick workout in your garden, or a stroll around your local park, a blast of fresh air is invigorating and will clear your head before you settle back down to work. It goes without saying, if you do exercise beyond your back garden, please always adhere to the Government’s distancing guidelines of two metres. ⠀⠀


During times of uncertainty and heightened anxiety, it’s extremely tempting to reach for our processed friends in the biscuit tin. However, it is more important than ever to ensure you are nourishing your body with healthy and nutritious options. Incorporate plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet to maintain essential vitamins, and make sure you stay hydrated – the NHS recommends we should drink six to eight glasses of fluid a day (and wine does not count!).

Image credit: Source Bulk Foods

The Source Bulk Foods on Northcote Road continue to share delicious recipes on their website, demonstrating just how tasty simple whole foods can be. From a hearty chicken and brown rice soup to a touch of indulgence with pecan hemp brownies and almond butter topping, each recipe utilises healthy and wholesome ingredients. Visit our Home Cooking Recipe blog for more menu inspiration.

You’ll also find a selection of healthy, ready-made dishes, available to order online from local restaurants and cafes in Clapham Junction. Check out our Open Businesses During Lockdown blog here.


When you finally switch-off for the day, and at the end of the working week, embrace your time at home. This is the perfect excuse to sample a new hobby – from picking up those knitting needles to learning the guitar, or reading a great novel and learning to cook – we’ve all been forced to slow down a little, so now is the time to explore something new.

The following local businesses are operating online where you’ll find a great selection of books, music, games, instruments, gardening tools and sports equipment – providing plenty of ways to enjoy a little down time:

Waterstones | WH Smith | Argos | Candyland

Are there any additional healthy habits or new hobbies you’ve adopted during the last month? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us on