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A message to Clapham Junction, in the Heart of Battersea

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Post Date: 18 Mar 2020

A message to Clapham Junction, in the Heart of Battersea

In these very unsettling times, we wanted to send a message of support to the amazing local businesses which make Clapham Junction such a hugely popular destination with visitors from both near and afar.

The recent outbreak of Covid-19 is clearly unlike anything we have ever experienced and, understandably, we are only just coming to terms with the reality of the evolving pandemic.

The coming weeks and months will be unbelievably challenging for our cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment venues and local businesses, all of which provide an exceptional service to the general public – day in, day out, all year round.

To all these fantastic businesses, the owners, the managers, the staff – we are by your side. Rest assured, we will continue to champion you throughout this unprecedented period, reminding all of those in our community, and beyond, why Clapham Junction is so great.

From all the independents through to the more familiar high-street names, we know you need our support. So please, if you want to publicise anything – from rescheduling events, to new delivery services, or selling vouchers for future bookings – please let us know.

London is a great city and has certainly had its fair share of challenges throughout history. With everything we’ve faced in the past, we know that it is the people – our community – who always work together to overcome what seems like the insurmountable. We have always done this, and we always will. Please look after each other and, above all, stay safe.

Warm wishes

Anthony & Roz

Anthony Laban | Chair, The Clapham Junction BID & Roz Lloyd-Williams | The Junction Executive BID Director