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The Schoolhouse

Food & Drink

Re-live your childhood in our fun, school-themed restaurant.

Re-live your childhood in our fun, school-themed restaurant. Play some board-games over a Naughty Schoolboy, talk Harry Potter over a Butterbeer and try to get on our photoboard of fame! Whether it’s a distant memory or a recent fond farewell, our restaurant should give you a throwback to the best bits of your school days! Unlike most school dinners we offer an fantastic menu of food, sure to tantilise your taste buds. We also have a confiscated collection of over 60 craft beers, a science lab of weird and wonderful cocktails and a very naughty wine list! We also serve Mission Coffee throughout the day.


Opening Hours

Monday 16:00-late

Tuesday 16:00-late


Thursday 16:00-late

Friday 09:00-late

Saturday 09:00-late

Sunday 09:00-late


137–139 St John's Hill, SW11 1TD


Call us on: 020 7223 6288


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