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Four Thieves Pub Online

Tuesday 5th May 2020 - Sunday 24th May 2020
20:00 - 21:00
From £5

Laugh Train AT Home presents: Why?!

Why does tequila result in bad decisions? Why does love exist? Robyn Perkins – Sydney Fringe Comedy Award Winner – hosts a special comedy chat show, using comedy and science to answer life's big (and small) questions.

  • For Cinco de Mayo, she investigates: Why does Tequila lead to bad decisions? – with Eleanor Conway!
  • She also will be looking at: Why does love exist? – with a special comic guest to be announced soon.

This will be on ZOOM. There are some freebie tickets, join our mailing list here for a chance to get them, and £5 tix on Design My Night.

Coming Soon...

  • May 12th: Nathan Caton (Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week and more), Jenny Collier, and more, plus host Robyn Perkins (Sydney Fringe 2019 Comedy Award Winner)!
  • May 19th: Host Robyn Perkins (Sydney Fringe Comedy Award Winner) asked the big, small and stupid life questions, and tries to explain them with science. She is joined by two comedian guests.
  • May 24th: A series of our favourite acts, plus host Robyn Perkins (Sydney Fringe 2019 Comedy Award Winner)!