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St Mark's Big Questions


Wednesday 1st July 2020
19:45 - 21:00

Did you know that under a microscope the coronavirus looks like a crown? How then can anyone believe in God or that Jesus is the King of Kings given our collective experience of the last few months? Where is God and what is He playing at?

Join us for an evening looking at these Big Questions, led by Andy Moore from RZIM. Andy is an expert at answering really hard questions about the Christian faith, and used to go to St Mark's before moving to Oxford. As part of the evening he'll interview a medical doctor to gain their insight from 'inside' the pandemic, and there'll also be a Q&A panel as well as time for questions throughout.

Whether you’re the most sceptical of atheists or the most passionate of believers, come and examine this important topic with us. We'll email you the online platform details the week of the event.