31 Days of Riesling

At Humble Grape Battersea

Offer ends: Wednesday 31st July 2024

2 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1ED, UK

Strangely Germany is often overlooked by the greater wine-drinking public. But let's be clear: Germany is one of the world’s greatest wine countries, and we’re here to show you why. Maybe it’s the complexity of the country’s 13 regions, or maybe it’s the deliciousness of its wines ,something about German wines makes us geeky wine lovers, well, really geek out. That's why we're bringing back our 31 days of Riesling to celebrate one of the most popular grapes found in German wine regions. Throughout July you will be able to spot more Rieslings on our wine list and you can taste our German monthly wine flight for only £16.50 throughout the whole month.

Available all month of July


We will also be hosting a 2.5 hour German Winemaker Tasting on 9th July where our hero producer Weingut Von Winning will guide you through six iconic organic German wines.

**Image credit: Humble Grape**