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The Junction Office S&M Strategy Document

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This strategy report has been produced by Office S&M


To produce this document, we have reviewed the brief for this report, the HSFA bid documentation to date, and other relevant documents. Alongside this, we have reviewed relevant projects that are happening in parallel. Following this we conducted a mapping process, starting from an overall view of the borough, then zooming in to the area and then the town centre. This was developed during a walkabout, and further digital mapping was backed up with photographic documentation.

Once this process of review and mapping had been carried out, a vision was developed by initially using a series of strategies to provide outcomes from the mapping. Based on these strategies and mapping, a vision has been presented. This vision has then been used to propose a series of non-physical and physical interventions which deliver the strategies proposed over the area mapped. and are based on the work to date. These proposals have then been costed and audited against the work to date and the aims of the HSFA Challenge Playbook.

Our vision is for an innovative high street strategy with asset-based proposals that will boost economic, cultural, and public activity, which fits with the GLA’s High Streets for All Challenge goals. We believe this proposal will deliver enhanced publicspaces and exciting new uses for underused high street buildings and assist in delivering the London Recovery Board’s mission.

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