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Bento Box £14.50

At Kibou

175 Northcote Road, London, UK

Award-winning KIBOU Japanese Kitchen and Bar is lifting the lid on tasty lunchtime treats with the arrival of their new Bento Box. Available Monday to Friday from 12pm to 4pm*, the new Bento Boxes are priced at just £14.50 each and are great for those looking for an affordable KIBOU-fix during their lunch break.

A staple Japanese ‘go-to’ lunch option, these super-delicious boxes offer guests the chance to try a range of dishes, with six compartments each containing a portion of one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Changing daily, a sample Bento Box would contain – steamed edamame with black lava salt, Japanese rice with furikake seasoning, hand-rolled sushi, katsu curry, a Japanese side dish, plus a portion of tsukemono (seasonal Japanese pickles).

Each day a freshly made vegan or regular Bento Boxes will be on offer, with the team on hand to run guests through the day’s selection. Bento Boxes will be available for walk-in guests and bookings at your local KIBOU restaurant here…