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Azteca Öme

Food & Drink

A taste of Mexico's vibrant culture and cuisine.

Azteca, established in 1996 in Chelsea, is one of London’s venerated Mexican fusion spots, famed for its lively ambiance and authentic Mexican taste. Azteca Öme is its latest venture, inviting both locals and tourists to explore a unique culinary experience.

Öme: Word for “two” in the ancient Aztec language.

Azteca Öme offers an unconventional dining experience and pushes the boundaries of upscale dining. This concept thrives by striking a balance between harmony and contrast, melding high-quality ingredients with a down-to-earth attitude. The architectural aesthetics and our menu echo the essence of Mexican tradition, infused with a delicate Japanese influence.

It’s a space designed to create connection through innovative food and drinks, where the ambiance is fun and laid back, yet the service remains meticulous and warm.


Opening Hours

Monday 17:00–01:00

Tuesday 17:00–01:00

Wednesday 17:00–01:00

Thursday 17:00–01:00

Friday 12:00–01:00

Saturday 12:00–01:00

Sunday 12:00–12:00


5-9, Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1HG


Call us on: 020 7096 3207