Dr Michael Jubb MBE

Job Role: Trustee of The Battersea Society

Michael has lived in Clapham Junction for more than thirty years...

Michael has lived in the town centre at Clapham Junction for more than thirty years. He has been a trustee and chair of a local charity providing advice to residents with disabilities and social care needs. He is currently an active member and trustee of the Battersea Society – a civic group that seeks to promote the interests of the various communities in Battersea and to develop and stimulate knowledge and recognition of Battersea’s past, present and future. He is particularly involved in matters relating to planning and is a member of Wandsworth Council’s Conservation Areas Advisory Committee.

In his professional life, Michael was a senior manager in research councils and other organisations that provide funds and other kinds of support for research and innovation, mainly in the university sector, but also in public and voluntary sector bodies. He has been Director of the Research Information Network, which provides evidence-based advice to Government, universities and other bodies on ways to enhance the impact of the work undertaken by the UK’s world-class research community. He currently works as an independent consultant.

As a Director of Clapham Junction BID, Michael is committed to working with the BID team to deliver the three key objectives voted for in the BID Ballot: Marketing and Promotion, Safe and Welcoming and Events and Festivals.