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LivingPillars Bring Biodiversity to The Junction

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Post Date: 13 Oct 2022

This winter, keep an eye out for stunning seasonal colours peppered across the Junction with our LivingPillars™ – a new Clapham Junction BID initiative, designed to encourage biodiversity across Clapham Junction whilst enhancing the neighbourhood.

LivingPillars Clapham Junction BID & Scotscape

Earlier this year we joined forces with Scotscape Group Ltd – an Urban Greening company – to deliver this ground-breaking project. LivingPillars™ is a harmonious combination of nature and technology, featuring sustainable planting on local lampposts – creating visually stunning pillars of flora and foliage and a biodiverse setting with bird and insect boxes.

LivingPillars Clapham Junction BID & Scotscape 2

Utilising 14 existing lamp posts, and coupled with a closed loop integrated irrigation system – driven by solar panels – the planting is long term, shrub-based and does not need to be replaced seasonally. Planting palettes have been chosen to improve the trapping of particulate matter, encourage biodiversity and bring colour to the streets in the Clapham Junction BID area (where trees are unable to be planted). 

LivingPillars Clapham Junction BID & Scotscape 3

This project is a unique way of bringing nature into the built-up environment and the aim is to increase a feeling of well-being to those who live, work and visit Clapham Junction. Moreover, for every LivingPillar™ installed, Scotscape will plant 1m2 of Microforest in the area. Microforests provide excellent air cleaning and carbon sequestration properties, as well as encourage biodiversity and improve drainage.

LivingPillars Clapham Junction BID & Scotscape 4

The LivingPillars™ will also provide additional Christmas Light and event features, as they can be interlaced with Christmas lighting displays (low energy LED) during the festive season and up lit for seasonal events!

This project has been funded by the BID with match-funding from Wandsworth Council.