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Shooting from Below

Battersea Arts Centre

Friday 24th May 2024
19:00 - 20:00
Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5TN
Pay What You Can (Recommended Price £8)*

Presented as part of Bloom 2024: a series of double-bills featuring performances developed with BAC.

In the form of musical theatre, movement, live art and drag show – Shooting from Below is the beginning of something bigger than all of us. What happens when we gaslight a dwarf star enough to the point of combustion?

Midgitte Bardot, the alias of solo artist Tamm Reynolds, presents a Work-in-Progress sharing of their new show where they alter the alter-ego and explore who is really dwarfing who?

“Not allll people without dwarfism are under the presumption that people with dwarfism are there for entertainment as pets, toys, fetishes, dream sequences, musical numbers… just most.”

Performance has been written into dwarf bones against their will. They’re a local celebrity wherever they go, with little power and large influence. From the mines, the courts, the cabarets, the big screen to… performing arts institutions.

Join Midgitte as she questions: why is it violence she seeks? Let’s make a show to find out. What happens when a dwarf has power? Are the non-dwarfs on their knees? By choice? What does a land look like when it’s designed and ruled by Midgittes?

Are we going to… dare they say it, get political about this?

Tamm Reynolds is a solo-artist also known as Midgitte Bardot (who is the most glamourous coping mechanism in the world). They have been performing across the UK cabaret, live art, drag, theatre and club spaces since 2016. Now, working on a solo show after two previous work-in-progresses (2022 & 2023), alongside starring in Royal Court’s Sound of the Underground (written by Travis Alabanza and directed by Debbie Hannan) in a winter run in 2023.

This performance is a Work-in-Progress double-bill. See this show alongside Katy Baird’s Get Off by booking Pay What You Can tickets for both performances on the same evening.